Licensed Immigration Advisor / 持牌移民顧問
Licensed Immigration Advisers (LIAs) are professionals who specialise in New Zealand Immigration law and dealing with Immigration New Zealand to help migrants and international visitors be successful with their visa applications or other immigration matters. A LIA is sometimes called an Immigration Consultant and is authorised to do many different kinds of work related to immigration law and visa applications.

All LIAs are registered and licensed through the Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA), website: The IAA make sure that the quality of LIAs is high and helps clients who feel they have not been treated well by their LIA. You can check if a LIA is actually licensed on the IAA's website, find an adviser page.

Licensed advisers will have a number so you can check details about them. Look for this logo and the advisers name and number.


所有的持牌移民顧問都通過移民顧問管理局(IAA,網站注冊和授牌。IAA確保持牌顧問保持高水平的服務水准,同時幫助哪些覺得自己沒有從持牌顧問處獲得優質服務的客戶。 你可以通過IAA的網站確認一個持牌移民顧問的執照。